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Hoverkitty Games

Below are some touchscreen games...

Help Hoverkitty travel home

Hoverkitty and Hoverflea play a game of Pong

Help Hoverflea collect treats

Is it really Endless? Find out for yourself.

Be Sure To Check Out These Games On Steam!

Endless Hoverkitty

Find "Hoverkitty in the Hoververse" On Steam!

Explore the Hoververse with Hoverkitty in her first 3D adventure!

Find "Hoverkitty in the Hoververse: Chapter Two" On Steam!

Help Hoverkitty traverse the Hoververse, collect treats, and save it from the clutches of villainous foes!

Find "Hoverkitty in the Hoververse: Chapter Three" On Steam!

For the first time, you can play as either Hoverkitty or Hoverflea!Meet old enemies, and new allies as you help to save the Hoververse!

Find "Kati The Astronaut" On Steam!

Save the Universes with Kati the Astronaut! A game you can play with either a keyboard or a controller!

Find "The Bubbleboy Project" On Steam!

Two games in one! Help BubbleBoy traverse through a wobbly world to keep his balloons safe in the first game.

Play as yourself in the second game, explore the mysterious world to complete The BubbleBoy Project

Who are Hoverkitty and Hoverflea?

The Story of Hoverkitty

An interactive adventure comic that tells the tale of Hoverkitty and Hoverflea. If you are using a touchscreen, use Hoverkitty to guide you towards the treat to change the page. If you are using a keyboard, use the arrow keys to guide Hoverflea. If you are on a mobile device, landscape mode works best.

Hoverkitty into the City

An interactive continuation of The Story of Hoverkitty! The characters work in the same way as with The Story of Hoverkitty above. Use Hoverkitty for touchscreen or use Hoverflea for keyboard arrows.

Hoverkitty Treats!

Purchase some Treats for Hoverkitty!